Reserwa 5th Gen Car Vacuum Cleaner

$25.00 $24.26

Reserwa ranks as the best car vacuum cleaner within this price range. We’ve included it on this list because even with its low price tag, it packs some of the best features that deliver the best results. Reserwa portable vacuum cleaner is a handheld vacuum with 5000pa powerful suction that can pick up 5 iPhone devices. This model is more powerful than other car vacuums on the market. It operates silently which is also another great feature of a car vacuum. This model supports both wet and dry use. It is great for cleaning dust, pet hair, crumbs and other small particles in your car. The handheld model comes with a 14.7ft power cord and 3 accessories so you can do a thorough job even in hard-to-reach places.


Reserwa Car Vacuum CleanerThis is another powerful car vacuum with 5 meters long power cord. This one too can be used for dry and wet cleaning and can absorb spilled liquid instantly. It comes with 3 different accessories to clean the hard to reach areas. It can be dissembled quickly and washed thoroughly. The product comes with 1.5 years of warranty and it does not make much noise. The cleaning efficiency is high and it does not damage the leather.


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