Nulaxy Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Have you ever having a hard time removing the dirt and bread crumbs in your car? Are you a taxi or UBER driver who needs to keep your car clean for passengers, Nulaxy portable handheld car vacuum cleaner is good for you, it will absorb all dirt easily to keep your car interior clean and never have food crumbs, dust or dirt rotting your car again.




  • 【Strong Suction】: Nulaxy Car Vacuum Cleaner absorbs all dirts easily and quickly. Featured with a high performance motor, which reduces the noise to 75dB, and improves the suction to up to 5000Pa. You can easily pick up all kinds of dusts, sands, debris, crumbs, liquids and pet hairs from your car. Ideal for both wet and dry dirt. NOTE: PLEASE START THE VEHICLE before starting the car vacuum cleaner to prevent some car battery from being drained out.
  • 【Detachable & Washable HEPA Filter】: The HEPA filter is detachable and washable, which ensures maximum suction power and sustainable cleaning efficiency. Note please let the wet filter dry completely before next use, or suction performance might be affected.
  • 【Highly Versatile】: This handheld car vacuum comes with three different nozzle tools (standard, crevice, and brush) and an extention tube to make cleaning your car way easier than ever.
  • 【Super Long Cord】: The 16.4ft/5m power cord enables you to clean any hard-to-reach area of your car.
  • 【Light Weight and Easy-to-Use Design】: The portable handheld vacuum weights only 1.53lbs to make it easier to maneuver. It features a dirt container door that shuts off to prevent the dirts from falling out. The transparent dirt container let you easily know when it’s full.

 User Tips

  1. Plug into the DC 12V cigarette lighter and start the vehicle.
  2. Please do not use the car vacuum cleaner continuously for more than 20 minutes to prevent the motor overheat.
  3. Use correct suction nozzle tool for different applications.
  4. HEPA filter is washable. Please let the wet filter dry completely before next use, If your feel the suction become weaker, try clean the filter.
  5. The vacuum cleaner works on both wet and dry surfaces. After vacuuming, please remove the front cover and drain the water completely.


  1. Voltage: DC 12V
  2. Suction: ≧4000 Pa
  3. Power cord length: 5M (16.4ft)
  4. Weight (body only): 1.53lbs/694g


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