Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson is known all over the world for their vacuum design and technology. The first ever Dyson, created by James Dyson, was called the G-Force and it was the foremost vacuum to use the physics of cyclonic air to extract dirt. The same technology that made the G-Force an instant best-seller was adapted, improved, refined and recreated in all Dyson vacuums.

Designed to move the way you do, the remarkable ball design of this Dyson vacuum allows you to manoeuvre with complete easy around obstacles. A self-adjusting head automatically adapts to different floor surfaces so that you can clean efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the generous two-litre debris bin in this vacuum, cleaning for extended periods of time is a breeze.

Accredited by the Australian National Asthma Council, Dyson have designed this vacuum to capture allergens, deposit them in the debris bin, and exhaust clean, breathable air. On that note, emptying the hygienic, bagless bin in this vacuum is as simple as pushing a button.



Save Storage Space

The upright design of this unit makes it easy to store and a great choice for smaller homes. The retractable handle design means that this unit is 30% more compact than Dyson Big Ball vacuums.

Tangle-free Turbine Tool

Vacuuming hair can cause tangles in your vacuum head that are hard to remove. Dyson’s solution to this problem is the Tangle-Free Turbine tool. This handy tool has counter-rotating heads which direct hair and dirt into the vacuum in a controlled way that prevents tangling, which makes your life easier.


Ball Technology

A custom ball design allows this unit to ride and pivot with absolute ease. One-handed use is possible and with an unusually low centre of gravity, manoeuvring this unit is a breeze.



One-Click Emptying

Gone are the days of fighting a vacuum bag out of a vacuum and into the bin. The one-click design of the vacuum bin in this Dyson allows you to easily empty its contents without getting your hands dirty.



Advanced Radial Cyclone technology helps remove more dirt, dust and allergens
Hygienic and quick to empty
Tangle-free Turbine tool
The active base plate creates the optimal cleaner head contact for every floor type, retaining more suction power
Brush bar drives bristles deeper into carpets removing more dirt
Ball technology allows you to pivot on the spot with the turn of a wrist


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